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pixelectric's Journal

Pixelectric - Graphics by kinda0punk
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Rules, as of now:
Please comment with what you're taking - it makes me smile to know what you like :)
Please do not edit - textless icons are not bases.
Remeber, the number refers to the icon below it !

A note about credit: While I do not require it, I really really like seeing my icons credited. It's also a matter of helping other people - they see you using one of my icons and want to find more like it, but it's uncredited, so they can't! In short, I will never require credit, because people who demand being credited usually come across as a bitch to me, but it is the polite thing to do - for me and other people. I hate to say it, but to be perfectly honest, it does kind of make me sad when I see my icons uncredited.

layout credit to tillyness